College Student Purchase Program

college student purchase program

Lance Cunningham Ford has created one of the most appealing purchase programs for college students. We understand that college graduates have a difficult time receiving approval for automobile financing. It boils down to the same Catch-22 college graduates face in the job market. You've already heard by now at least one potential employer say, "You don't have enough experience to warrant a job offer."  Well, you can't gain experience, unless a company offers you a job. The same principle applies to auto loans that require you to build credit, before you can sign on the auto loan dotted line.


How can you build credit, if automobile dealerships keep turning you down for financing? At Lance Cunningham Ford, we have solved the Catch-22 caused by auto loans.


Incentives for College Students to Buy a Vehicle at Lance Cunningham Ford


The college student purchase program at Lance Cunningham Ford goes well beyond providing financing for students that have not established credit histories. An eligible college student that purchases a new 2017-2018 Ford Car, SUV or Truck through F-350 during the purchase program period receives a rebate of $500. Combine the $500 rebate with Student Bonus Cash, and you have a veritable financial windfall.


Who qualifies for the Lance Cunningham Ford college student purchase program?

  • Freshmen
  • Sophomores
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Graduate Students
  • Trade School Students
  • Recent Graduates

Unlike most other college purchase programs, Lance Cunningham Ford offers its lucrative financial incentives for both full and part time students.


No Fine Print Obstacles at Our Knoxville, TN Dealership


On paper, most college student purchase programs match the generous benefits of the Lance Cunningham college purchase program. However, after reading the fine print, you find out you have to jump through hoops encircled with fire just to drive a used vehicle off the lots of our competition. Lance Cunningham clearly lists the vehicles eligible for purchase, which you find online at our regularly updated website. We also clearly state which model years qualify for our generous college purchase program.


Before you stop by our Knoxville Ford dealership, make sure you have the following documentation:

  • Bill of sale/customer agreement
  • Customer Cash Payment Authorization form (CCPA)
  • Proof of student eligibility i.e. current class schedule or copy of diploma
  • Proof of enrollment status in a minimum of two classes or six credit hours (i.e. copy of current class schedule, copy of term grade report, letter from the college/university/trade school registrar's office stating student is currently enrolled and in good academic standing, etc.).
  • Vincent Authorization Number

Lance Cunningham Ford Makes Financing Easy


In addition to our college student purchase program, Lance Cunningham Ford runs a finance department second to none in the Knoxville area. Our large network of lending institutions cover the financing needs of customers that range all over the credit score scale, which includes college students that have what the automotive loan industry calls "thin credit." Banks and credit unions typically want to service auto loans for college students, since the lenders have an opportunity to acquire customers for life. Even if you have trouble finding the loan package that matches your budget constraints, Lance Cunningham Ford has the resources to develop a financing solution in house.


For complete details about our highly regarded college student purchase program, college students can visit our Knoxville dealership conveniently located at the junction of interstates 275 and 640, within a short drive of Maryville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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