Certified Pre-Owned vs Used

Lance Cunningham Ford attracts customers from all over the Knoxville area for several reasons. As one of the biggest customer draws, our extensive lot of used and certified pre-owned vehicles provides you with an affordable way to drive away in a high performance Ford vehicle. Whatever certified pre-owned vehicle you choose, you can expect the guarantee of premium quality and luxurious style.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Ford?

A certified pre-owned Ford vehicle has the 100 percent backing of the Ford Motor Company. Ford uses dealers such as Lance Cunningham Ford to inspect vehicles for determining whether each vehicle is worthy of certification. Every vehicle that our dealership deems certified worthy then receives warranty support beyond the original warranty issued by Ford. Although many automakers perform a 100-point inspection for certification, Ford dealerships perform a comprehensive 172-pont certification that ensures you receive the highest quality pre-owned vehicle. Certified warranties typically cover Ford vehicles whenever the original warranties expire.

Is a Used Ford the Same as a Certified Pre-Owned Ford?

Many of our customers believe the difference between certified pre-owned and used Ford vehicles is only a matter of semantics. However, used vehicles do not come with the guarantee nor warranty that a certified pre-owned Ford would. Used cars do not go through the 172 point inspection and come with no vehicle maintenance, service or owner history while certified pre-owned do. Although some used cars do come with a limited warranty, they are not backed by the certification.

The Advantages of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Ford issued certifications back by the scrupulous inspections performed by dealers such as Lance Cunningham Ford give you the peace of mind to purchase a Ford vehicle that has some miles on it. Your certified pre-owned vehicle has received the Ford seal of approval for high quality and outstanding performance. When you purchase extended warranties for a used Ford vehicle, you are merely buying maintenance and repair insurance, not assurance of quality. You save the time and money required for maintenance and repairs to your certified pre-owned vehicle. Certification by Ford also eliminates the immediate 20 to 40 percent upfront depreciation that used cars incur after purchase.

What is the Best Option for You?

Consumers in the market for a Ford vehicle that had at least one previous owner should consider several factors before deciding between a certified pre-owned and used Ford vehicle. Because of Ford's stamp of quality approval, certified pre-owned vehicle typically cost more than used Fords. This is especially true for certified pre-owned Fords that have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. Budget conscious buyers tend to choose used Ford vehicles simply to purchase the extended warranties. Lance Cunningham Ford considers certified pre-owned Fords to possess higher quality standards than the quality standard delivered by used Ford vehicles. The best rule of thumb on deciding between the two involves budget constraints and the age of the vehicle under question. The older the Ford vehicle, the more likely that buying a used Ford makes more sense.


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