Here Are Design Components That Make the Ford Flex So Special

With the Ford Flex, you get a popular midsize SUV that is plenty big for the entire family. With its three rows, everyone will have more than enough room. At the same time, the design of the Flex is such that it does not appear large. It has a unique look that you grow to love.

The chrome grille in the front gives this SUV a distinctive look. The grille itself extends right into the headlamps. The Flex lettering is also quite cool and accents the aluminum finish that is given to the front of the vehicle.

With three different models and six different wheel designs alone to choose from, you can literally design the Ford Flex to look like you want it to. This is an added feature that Ford owners will love. You can test drive the Ford Flex simply by visiting Lance Cunningham Ford and taking an in-depth look at it.


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