Ford Mustang's new tech features give this enormously popular, classic sports car genius IQ to match its muscled silhouette, powerful engine and smooth handling. Brains and brawn might be a fantasy, but the Mustang is the real thing, and we here at Lance Cunningham Ford couldn't be happier. Take the following two tech features, for example.


Why leave Alexa at home when you can take her on the road? Ford+Alexa brings Amazon's virtual assistant on the road with you, connecting via Ford Sync3 AppLink. With access to Alexa from your car, you can do Amazon Prime holiday shopping while commuting to work in Knoxville. You can also enjoy voice navigation, traffic info, Alexa's many skills and control of your compatible smart home devices.

Pre-Collision Assist

Pre-Collision Assist describes a nifty tool with which Mustang scans the road ahead of you for pedestrians and vehicles, alerting you to potential collisions. If you fail to correct in time, Mustang engages your brakes to avoid catastrophe.

Feel the power of Mustang and the genius of its tech features today. Visit us at our dealership and take one for a spin.



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