The Ford Super Duty pickup is a popular, full-size truck. People in Knoxville like the strength and durability that Ford has built into this heavy-duty workhorse.

The Super Duty has an aluminum alloy frame that’s light and strong. This military-grade material is resistant to rust, dents and dings, so your truck can do its job and look great, too.

To make sure the Super Duty meets your expectations, Ford put it through rigorous testing. It held up in temperatures from minus 20 to 120 degrees. It can go 500 miles on a six-degree slope and withstand a four-point twist to the frame. If your plans include gravel, water, mud and dust, don’t worry. The Super Duty passed those tests, too. When you’re looking for true durability in a heavy-duty truck, come by Lance Cunningham Ford and test drive the Super Duty.



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