The Ford Ranger is Designed for Adventures

The Ford Ranger is a great automobile for everyday trips on local roads. However, it also performs well on off-road trails during adventures.

If you drive a Ranger off the main road, its great performance components for adventures will provide perks. For example, as the Ranger cruises along paths that have stumps and bumps, its high-strength frame will provide great protection. This dense steel is also found on the bumpers on the front and back of the Ranger. Under the hood, you'll find an EcoBoost engine, which provides consistent power and torque on soggy and muddy paths. Ford includes all of these features with the FX4 Off-Road Package.

In order to take an adventure in the wilderness, you'll need an automobile that can handle the harshest conditions. Thanks to the Ranger's tough off-road chassis, it's made for adventures on rough terrains. If you want to operate a Ford Ranger before buying it, consider taking a test drive at Lance Cunningham Ford.



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