Ford Focus Performance Features - Electric vs. Standard

If you've been to Lance Cunningham Ford recently, then you've noticed that there are both gas-powered and electric Ford Focus models on the lot. While it might surprise you, the performance features on these two cars aren't all that different. Both of them feature the same redesigned grille and a new aerodynamic front that saves on energy usage no matter what source of energy you choose to power your new car with.

Electric Fords come with new 17-inch wheels that feature Michelin Energy-saver tires, but you can also opt for a gas-powered model that comes with these too. They're perfect if you find that the hills on some Knoxville streets have been eating into your fuel economy.

Regardless of which Ford Focus you choose, the MyFord Touch display next to the instrument panel will let you know how you're doing on economy at all times.



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