While transporting passengers in the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, you'll notice that it's a smooth ride and one that doesn't offer a lot of give in the suspension. The spacious interior is ideal for large families or groups that like to travel together. Smaller vehicles can hold about seven passengers while those that are larger can hold up to 15 passengers.

An automatic braking system keeps you and passengers safe while driving in Knoxville. There is a backup camera as well that is beneficial because of the size of the van. When viewing the exterior of the van, you'll notice that there is a large grille and a longer wheelbase for maximum support.

A console in the center features a comfortable gearshift along with a navigation screen that is large enough to view the details of any maps that you need to see. A WiFi connection is available for about 10 devices. View more of the interior details when you visit Lance Cunningham Ford for a test drive.



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