The Sporty and Stylish Ford Edge ST

The Ford Edge ST is based on the standard Edge SUV, but it has been enhanced with performance parts and styling. This SUV was developed to be able to handle just about any situation you could throw at it, along with being comfortable and economical. The Edge ST is perfect for commuting in Knoxville and for taking on a backroad adventure.

The Edge ST can be differentiated from the standard Edge by its sporty and aggressive design. It has black accents, larger wheels, red brakes, and ST badges. It also comes with a 2.7L Ecoboost V6 and a dual exhaust that produces a wonderful noise when the vehicle accelerates. The Edge ST rides slightly lower than the standard Edge thanks to its performance suspension. The suspension allows the Edge ST to handle flatter and make tighter turns than the standard Edge.

To explore all of the upgrades that the Edge ST has over the standard Edge, visit Lance Cunningham Ford. You can also take the Edge ST out for a test drive to really get a feel for these performance features.



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