2019 Ford Super Duty is Ready to Work

You already know that Ford trucks represent toughness, but do you know what that means up close? Take a good look at the 2019 Ford Super Duty and you'll see just how durable and long-lasting a truck can be.

The Super Duty is the only truck in its class with a military-grade, aluminum alloy body. Aluminum alloy is lightweight, evades rust and resists scratches and dents. Using a lightweight material for the body means the truck's body can be built heavier and stronger.

The 2019 Ford Super Duty features an all-steel, fully boxed frame. The frame's construction and rigidity allow the Super Duty to achieve the highest payload and tow ratings in its class.

If you want a truck that can take whatever you dish out, you've found it in the 2019 Ford Super Duty. If you'd like to take one for a test drive, come into Lance Cunningham Ford in Knoxville and talk with us.



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