Rear-View Camera Tech Promotes Safety

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect is a popular cargo and passenger vehicle that includes a number of features that are designed to support driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. In addition to a roomy, expansive windshield that offers wide-field visibility, the 2018 Transit Connect offers drivers rear-view cameras that eliminate rear blind spots.

With the 2018 Transit rear-view camera system, you need not press any buttons to put the system into action. Simply place the gear-selector into the reverse position, and the rear-view camera projects a digital image onto a dash-mounted view-screen. This feature allows you to back into tight spaces with more confidence, and it can alert you to the presence of any objects or people in your path.

At Lance Cunningham Ford in the Knoxville area, we are happy to offer drivers like you free test drives of one of our stock 2018 Transit Connects. If you swing by today, you can get a front-seat look at the useful rear-view camera system.

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